Our New Website is Live

Introducing the New Fat Willy's Website


After a few lockdown months of hard work, navigating around the recent changes and challenges we are proud to be celebrating 35 years of our Cornish surf brand and we’re thrilled to officially announce that our new website is now live! If you’re in need of a little piece of Cornwall, while lockdown continues then keep visiting us here, this is your online destination for everything Fat Willys, we have designed a brand new shopping experience for our loyal customers. The streamlined user interface provides a more interactive experience, including mobile commerce shopping features so you can browse and buy from our store using your  mobile phone. 

Our mens, womens and childrenswear has been paired with brands and vintage clothing styles we love and can’t wait to shout about; be sure to read our new blog posts with styling tips and photos from our new latest photoshoots.


We hope you enjoy your new shopping experience.


Love the Fat Willy’s Team x


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