We've arrived! August 29 2014

Hello everybody!  Welcome to our new website.  My name is Chris and with my wife, Sally, we'll be running this website and any other Fat Willy's online opportunities in the future.  I hope we do a good job.  

A bit about us:  My Dad started Fat Willy's surf shack in the Cornish town of Newquay in 1984.  It grew and grew.  I, along with my two brothers, were first employed straight out of school in the late 80's/early 90's as screenprinters- printing tens of thousands of t-shirts and jumpers each summer.


One brother took over the shop in St. Ives, Cornwall which he stills owns and manages.  The other brother took over the screen printing duties once the factory moved to Falmouth.  He still does that too.

Mum & Dad, the original owners, are still involved running the business and trying to co-ordinate the four shops that we have currently.

As for me, I took a decade out to focus on my own thing and moved to Australia for four years.  Last Christmas we came home to help Dad, now suffering with the onset of Dementia, and Mum, coping with looking after both the business and Dad's condition.

We began by renovating the Newquay shops, inside and out.  Those of you familiar with our facebook page will have seen some of the pics I've posted.  We then set about creating a vision of where the business could go.  We had a sale on some items that we were to discontinue and Sally used her expert merchandising eye to promote our current products better.

I'm happy to say it's been working and we are set to enjoy a 20% plus increase in turnover for the year.  So, thank you for anyone who has bought something from us in 2014!

We see a bright future for the brand in 2015 and beyond and we hope that this website helps us on that path.  It's certainly a lot better than our old one. :/

So, thank you for taking the time to visit our new online store (and reading the blog) and please feel free to offer your feedback below- things you'd like to see for example- and we often send out free gifts to those who take the time to respond via email (fatwillyswebsite@gmail.com) or via facebook, twitter etc. 

Speak soon, Chris.